Founded in 1991 by Bruce Blausen, Blausen Medical Communications is a world-class medical and scientific animation and illustration company, whose library is the largest in the world. Based in Houston, Texas, with offices around the country and the globe, our studio is composed of dedicated artists, medical researchers, strategists, and project managers whose unwavering eyes are focused on product detail and client satisfaction.

Blausen Media is a world class, marketing communications force recognized for our powerful, branding and integrated marketing solutions that make complex concepts understandable and interesting. We have a proven track record of creating solutions that effectively connect with and move the targeted audiences.

Blausen Legal specializes in providing highest quality biomedical visual media support to legal professionals to help prepare for trial and communicate complex medical concepts in easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing ways. Available for licensing and use are over 270 3D biomedical animations for specific physical/disease states. Custom animations are also available.

Key People

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Bruce Blausen

Bruce has over 20 years of experience in the field of new media and medical animation and has created work for a variety of clients including Merck, Pfizer, Dateline NBC, Prentice Hall Publishing, Discovery Health, GE Medical and Kodak. A pioneer in Internet marketing and communications, Bruce has spearheaded the development of numerous interactive web sites, videos and portals for a myriad of scientific and business clients.

Bruce founded Blausen Medical Communications in 1991 and has created the country's largest library of 3D medical animation and graphic content. A medical illustrator and media visionary, Bruce holds a Masters degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and two undergraduate degrees in Biology and Art from The Pennsylvania State University.

Mike Hensgen

Mike has spent most of his career in senior marketing management, building and growing both business-to-business and consumer brands. Working client at Ralston Purina, STP and Pennzoil, he recognized marketing’s end objective was to deliver profits and its effectiveness was measured by ROI. And at major advertising agencies like Grey New York and Bates Worldwide, he was responsible for building strong brands and developing programs to leverage them.

Mike’s brand-building experience has ranged across start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, from local to global, among them Texaco, Europcar International, e-Realty start-up (later acquired by Prudential Realty), ConocoPhillips, Chevron, QwestCyber Solutions (Qwest and KPMG software applications joint venture), most all the hospitals in the Texas Medical Center (Memorial Hermann, Methodist Hospital, St. Luke’s Episcopal), the Texas Medical Center itself and the Greater Houston Dental Society.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri (Columbia) and a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis.

Grant Peterson

Grant Peterson is Blausen Media's Project Manager. Grant holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Phoenix. With nearly 8 years of experience in the graphics/marketing industry in both an agency environment and with his own company, Grant brings a unique blend of creative and practical experience to the firm. Recognizing and determining solutions to challenging design and technical problems is Grants expertise. Grant is responsible for understanding each clients unique needs and acting as staff liaison, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. His dedication to exceeding expectations while simultaneously keeping projects on track ensures client satisfaction.

Gerard K. Cohen

Gerard is Blausen Media's Senior Interactive Media Developer. He has well-rounded experience in corporate-level website design and development. Gerard has a solid understanding of how to create exceptional websites and interactive applications using key technologies. He has a keen eye for the aesthetic without compromising functionality and efficiency, and always keeps an open mind about a client's ideas for innovation. His attention to detail, combined with a readiness to embrace new technology and ideas, adds to his expertise.

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