Originally from Rotterdam, Holland, Cees resides at this time in Miami, Florida. He graduated from the Graphic Academy in Amsterdam in the 60's. Worked in Holland and Germany as a photo-retoucher till 1974, when he moved to New York where he started his own one man retouching business as a color transparency retoucher, and had most of the major cosmetic companies as client.

In the beginning of the 90's, digital media begin to infiltrate the field of the field of the retouching business, and took completely over a few years later. After 30 years in the business, he adapted and expanded his creative palette with two new forms of art, namely oil painting and cosmetic permanent makeup. He now works in the field of cosmetic permanent makeup with prominent plastic surgeons in Miami, Dallas and New York. Furthermore, when he is home in Miami, he does oil paintings as much as possible.

Cees painted or was drawing since he was in kindergarten, and used always watercolors as his medium, and with time on his hands, he started painting in oil in 1998 without any former education and is completely self taught. Because of his career as photo-retocher he creates paintings that look as close as possible to photographs and calls it therefore photo-realistic painting.

He likes the variety of different subjects with his painitngs such as portraits, nudes, exotic animals and still-lifes and enjoys the challenge to work with high contrast between light and dark in his paintings.