Founded in 1991 by Bruce Blausen, Blausen Medical Communications is a world-class medical and scientific animation and illustration company, whose library is the largest in the world. Based in Houston, Texas, with offices around the country and the globe, our studio is composed of dedicated artists, medical researchers, strategists, and project managers whose unwavering eyes are focused on product detail and client satisfaction.

Blausen Media is a world class, marketing communications force recognized for our powerful, branding and integrated marketing solutions that make complex concepts understandable and interesting. We have a proven track record of creating solutions that effectively connect with and move the targeted audiences.

Blausen Legal specializes in providing highest quality biomedical visual media support to legal professionals to help prepare for trial and communicate complex medical concepts in easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing ways. Available for licensing and use are over 270 3D biomedical animations for specific physical/disease states. Custom animations are also available.

Left Brain Strategy Right Brain Artistry


Blausen Media is the ideal partner to make your medical or science-based communications understandable and engaging. We create compelling rich 3D digital media solutions that connect with your target audience. And they are now available on smartphones and iPads.

We are a world class marketing communications force, since 1991 serving some of the most recognized leaders and innovators in the Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Energy marketing environments.

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Blausen Media offers a full complement of marketing and design services, including:

  • 3D Animation and Modeling
  • Website Design
  • Smartphone and Mobile App Development
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Corporate Identity and Packaging Graphics
  • Strategic Branding/Positioning
  • Exhibit Design

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